Ability for the members to gift content

The Correspondent has this nifty feature that paying members have the ability to “gift” access to otherwise-paywalled content.

Basically when a paying member clicks on a share feature, they share a link to the story followed by a randomly generated string. Example: https://thecorrespondent.com/100/the-new-dot-com-bubble-is-here-its-called-online-advertising/1859712800-fe04ad93

When you click on the link above, you’ll see otherwise paywalled content in full:

Notice the message in the left side of the header that will appear if you click on the link above.

I think this would be an awesome idea to implement across Ghost blogs, allowing the writers to reach more people and for the publication to lure in more people with a glimpse of what is hidden behind a paywall.

Furthermore, having the “gifted by” message provides a person who clicked the link with a real reader who decided to pay money to access the publication, which I believe makes it at least a little bit more likely that they’ll decide to purchase a membership as well.