Using Ghost as a Platform to deliver online courses

Hey All… big congratulation on Ghost 4. It looks awesome.
I have a requirement to deliver online courses, free and on a subscription level.
I’m very keen to use Ghost to deliver this solution.
Is this a good option? What are your thoughts?

That really depends on what you mean by “online courses.” If you mean different courses with different tiers and add-ons, then no, Ghost would not be an ideal solution (not right now, that is — more pricing options are likely coming someday in the future). If you mean simply putting content behind a paywall, with two pricing options as to how to access it (monthly or paid), then yes, it could work, but the use-case is focused mostly on “creators” (publishers, podcasters, journalists, visual storytellers, bloggers, etc.) who have a membership/subscription-driven site or content-driven publication.

It sounds like something like Podia would make more sense for your usecase. Again, Ghost is amazing. but you’re probably going to have to find some less-than-ideal workarounds to get set up with some features that online course platforms have already baked in, out of the box.

Ghost’s comparison pages might help you out: Ghost Alternatives – See how Ghost compares to the rest


Thanks for the reply this is super helpful. We are probably looking at a subscription based system, so from that side of things we like the look of ghost.
My only concern is speed to market and other products out their seem very expensive.

For stand-alone courses, ghost probably isn’t the way to go. But I’m running a project which has access to ongoing philosophy courses by email for paid subscribers (with a linked Discourse forum), and free content for free subscribers.

As it is a hybrid, being half-way between an online course and a newsletter model, it’s still quite early days, and I’m interested to see how it goes. You can have a look at what I’m doing here.

For another project, I also use Podia. But the courses there are stand-alone.

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Thanks for the info Will… :+1:t3: this is something more like what we are looking for which would be a mixture of free content, online course (may even be live stream) and newsletter. You web example is exactly how I sort of imagined the solution. Out of interest did you develop the theme? I was looking into a theme called penang.

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Hello James,

It can works perfectly if you manage your expectations.

  • You will embed your videos from Vimeo (or Wistia, etc …)
  • You have three tier payments options : Free, Monthly, Yearly

The tiers options is the big limitation here. Per example, you can’t have basic, regular, premium for Monthly subs.


Thats great feedback @pascalandy the 3 tier payment options might work for us and we love the way it handles videos too.
I think I read somewhere that Ghost were looking in tier options.

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The theme is Joben, by Norbert and co. at @bironthemes. I can really recommend it. As for the course-as-newsletter idea, I’m still tweaking the model to see how it can best work.

I’m also thinking that somewhere down the line that I might also bundle the individual courses as separate products with a slightly different model. The idea of signing up to a course that goes on forever — although it sounds great to me — is not necessarily everyone’s idea of fun. So some of the content can be repurposed as stand-alone courses once I have a strong enough subscriber base.


Yes, if you’re satisfied with the basic options available for reoccurring payments through Stripe.

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That’s also something else we are considering on offering individual courses and even 1 to 1 coaching. I’ve been looking at GumRoad for this as a possible integration.

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Yes, but Ghost was not built for “courses.” It’s excellent that we can find workarounds, but “more” is not the goal of the Ghost CMS. That’s WordPress. Ghost is squarely focused on publishers, who typically do fine with simple pricing options.

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