Using ghost to sell courses

Hello, I’m not using ghost yet, but I’ll host it on my Debian server if someone manages to find a solution to my problem, otherwise I’ll open an e-learning site under wordpress, but I still prefer it to be under ghost.

I would like to use ghost to publish articles, but also to sell my video courses online, so that they can be viewed directly via the site, because I saw that ghost is also in competition with PODIA, which is one of the best online training sales services. Unfortunately no tutorial is available on the subject, I don’t know how to sell my courses on the Ghost CMS, what I need to install exactly.

Thank you in advance for your help

Well… I am not an authority on the subject but as it is mentioned in the page you linked, Ghost can have video with add-ons.

They haven’t provided any details or documentation on how to convert Ghost into a course website.

My best guess is that they are talking about Vimeo integration here. If you take Pro version of Vimeo, you get the privacy option that allows the video to embed/viewed on a selected website only.

With this and the membership option, you can create the course/chapter pages for members only and embed the private Vimeo video here.

This is what I am going to do on my website.

@Abhishek_Prakash What theme are you using?


Hello Jonathan,

I use Auden theme. Here’s the theme page:

It is intolerable that the company “ghost”, in front of a press release to explain that the CMS “ghost” is much more complete and practical than in the publication of online courses, when in reality it doesn’t even come close, no tutorial is available to explain how to publish paid courses on the CMS “ghost”, these are false information that the company “ghost” declares in this page

Can you explain your workflow?

Ghost isn’t Teachable, but you can set up a page and offer videos/downloads with using the integrations, very similar to Podia.

I don’t think that an integration can be a solution, because I think that users will have to make a double registration (a registration on the “Ghost” CMS, and a registration on the integration page to access the courses).
But which integration are you talking about? What kind of tool would need to be integrated on “ghost” to sell online courses?

As mentioned before, Vimeo (videos)
Drive/Dropbox/S3 etc. for downloads.
You can embed anything you want by making a custom integration and updating your theme. You control the back end.

What is the workflow from Podia that you’re trying to emulate? It’s not clear from your statements.