Using mailersend as SMTP provider

Hey, Guys.

I did my integration with Mailersend to outbound content emails. It’s everything working for transactional emails, but when I try to send my content by email clicking on publishing button inside ghost editor. I haven’t the optional to choose the Mailersend, just the Mailgun…

Reading the API, I saw that I can’t use other SMTP provider… Is Mailgun the only way to send emails? My config.production.json is working correctly for Mailersend, but I’m having these issues…

Thanks for the support

Yes, only Mailgun is supported for sending bulk emails. You’ll need to configure that in the Admin panel under Settings > Email newsletter.

The mail settings in config.production.json are only used for transactional email, any smtp service is supported for there.

Thanks for the answer Kevin!

My doubt is… I started to use the Mailgun Trial plan, but for free users, I just have the sandbox data available (for validated emails inside the platform).

So, to use the Mailgun as outbound delivery (contents), I need to upgrade my plan? I’m saying that, because I can’t add my domain there without upgrade my plan. Is it correct?

You can use Mailgun without changing your plan, and may setup your domain to work with Mailgun. From the dashboard go to Sending, and click on Add New Domain. This walks you through the steps, including DNS changes.

Did you know Mailgun doesn’t have free accounts anymore??

Mailgun recently updated their pricing, including the removal of a free tier. However, under their new pricing, invoices are not sent if they total less than $0.50 - which is still more than 600 emails. For most people who are getting started Mailgun remains free, and subsequent rates are extremely generous. It would cost far, far more (money as well as time) to run your own bulk mail delivery infrastructure, or use most other providers.

I can’t find any sign of the “Less than $0.5 is free” on Mailgun’s site (which makes me cautious!), and I have a totally free account (for fewer than 1,000 emails) with MailerSend.

It would be great to see Ghost support other providers here! (I’m going to have a look at what it’d take to implement it myself — I’ll post my progress here, as I’m fairly short on time!)