Vimeo videos won't go full screen?

My use case has a lot of my users wanting to make videos that are embedded in my posts FULL SCREEN (they cast to their TVs, etc).

In Vimeo, I am able to customize the player so that fullscreen is an option. But once I put that code into the iframe on ghost, the full screen button disappears. Any ideas how to diagnose this and get that button back?

Following up on this. If I choose to not EMBED the video but rather use ghost’s native VIMEO option, I can see the ‘full screen’ icon on the page as I create the post, but once it’s published/previewed, that option disappears.

Youre probably running into restrictions from vimeo with the links, it looks like they limit certain video features when just linked to them.

you might be able to embed them a different way using their api, not sure though, ive not used their api before

I think it’s on the ghost end and not the vimeo (though I could be wrong).

I just had a look what’s happening under the hood.

When you post a Vimeo URL, this is what is being inserted:

<iframe src="${videoID}" width="200" height="113" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So, from Ghost’s side, fullscreen seems to be allowed.


another vimeo link with some example embed code, might be due to the iframes