Volume mapping so themes would be on the host(outside container) -?

Hi guys.

Reading from Ghost’s docker page:

 docker run -d --name some-ghost -v some-ghost-data:/var/lib/ghost/content ghost

but that does not land themes in that path on the host.
If I list that location on the host I see:

lrwxrwxrwx. 1 363143 363143 44 Aug 12 01:26 casper → /var/lib/ghost/current/content/themes/casper

This I did not expect, coming from Wordpress I get themes there in that mapped volume.
How can I - if possible at all - have themes reside outside of container and in a mapped volume on the host?

many thanks, L.

The default Ghost theme is Casper, and the latest version is published as part of a Ghost release. To make sure the latest version of Casper is always available to Ghost, the CLI (which is used to install Ghost in the docker container) symlinks casper to the Ghost release version.

This ensures that regardless of your Ghost version, you’ll have a functional theme that works.

aside: I think you mean Docker’s Ghost page :grin: Ghost doesn’t have official support for Docker.

@vikaspotluri123 you do not really address my point - perhaps I poorly phrased it, I’ll try again:

When I mapped Ghost’s ‘content’ path and later added new theme via “Change theme” from within Ghost’s webui that theme did not show up in host’s mapped location, but ! it did go into container in:
and host location showed what I showed above.

Second later I removed container, deployed anew and fiddled with another extra mapping to that path just above, then instead of “Use X them” I did “Upload Theme” manually and the theme was there on the host but…
in that original mapping to: ‘/var/lib/ghost/content’ and not ‘/var/lib/ghost/current/content/themes’

Bit weird. Only thing I did not do as I re-deployed container was to drop database.

I think everybody knew what Docker Ghost it was.

thanks, L.

Nope, it all seems good, just mapping of ‘/var/lib/ghost/content’ does get themes there onto the host’s path - re-deployed again including db - perhaps it takes a click on ‘Save’ or there is a delay.
So never mind, it’s good.

thanks, L.