"WARN Cookie members-ssr not found" each GET command

Hey everyone

I am a new Ghost user but really love the platform. I am seeing this following WARN in ghost log on every command that gets logged, post view, url, page etc.
WARN Cookie members-ssr not found

Strange that Google offers no answers on this one. The error was happening on Ghost 2.26.x as it is on 2.28.0 after upgrade.

Running ghost log in -V mode shows no additional information, Only other thing i see in the log is this which seems to happen sometimes. I am running on an AWS t2micro free tier:
NAME: HelperWarning
MESSAGE: {{#get}} helper took 359ms to complete
level: normal

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The first warning shouldn’t be an issue for now, feel free to ignore it

The second warning (SLOW_GET_HELPER) suggests that your theme is using the get helper, and might be querying a lot of data - it took 359ms for the get query to finish. While not absolutely necessary, you might want to look at your theme and see where the get helper is used, and if you can make it more efficient.


Hey @vikaspotluri123
Thanks so much for the super fast response and clarifying the cookies message.
I will dig through the theme and see if i can figure it out :slight_smile:


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