Waves Theme Redesign: Player Broken & Missing Playback Buttons

Just noticed the Waves theme was redesigned a couple weeks ago. It seems the player no longer appears when clicking Play from the index page? Even in the official demo, clicking Play doesn’t do anything unless you are within a specific post. Prior to the redesign, the player would pop up at the bottom of page when playing from the index page. Tested this in the latest chrome, player works great pre-redesign but broken since.

Also, the player seems to be missing all the standard playback buttons that listeners often use - skip forward, back, and playback speed. Hoping this is just a bug, and not an intentional design choice… I understand and appreciate the new minimalist redesign, but those buttons were critical to making the player functional. Without the buttons, I would have to embed a real player from transistor, anchor, etc., which kinda defeats the entire purpose of the Waves theme.