Audio Player in Wave Theme Only One Play/Pause Button Works

I am using Wave theme and I can get the main page player to work using Facebook Description like this page says, but when I use it on the main page default.hbs I notice an issue.

The player rendered in loop.hbs works, the div with classes “post-play” and “js-play”. This causes the player.hbs to pop up on the bottom of the page with another play/pause button. That button (using a button html tag) does not respond, although it does allow me to change playback speed and jump backward/forward. Both of these play/pause buttons should work.

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Another issue I have noticed is that when I navigate back to the home page (clicking the upper left link in the nav bar), the player.hbs very quickly appears and slides to the bottom of the page, then disappears. This occurs in less then a second but is still noticeable. I can make it stop doing this by commenting out the player altogether, but then I cannot use it at all.

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I’m confirming the issue @Jud1183 highlighted and adding another one. On the single podcast page (e.g. 150: It is Podcasts All the Way Down) the player doesn’t work at all (PLAY/PAUSE button unclickable, no audio played… the exact same issues as the pop-up player in the homepage). I’m evaluating Ghost (and the Wave theme) for an audio-focused site, but I don’t feel confident switching to a paid plan after the trial period unless the theme is properly working.