Web hosting of my Themeforest.net ghost theme

I thought it was a WordPress theme and after I purchased then only I came to know that it’s a ghost theme.

I really like the theme look & feel and easy navigation etc.

Q1. I have a WordPress hosting from foreground, can ghost theme be uploaded?

Q2. I have fresh new Blog and no visitors atm so what package should I buy for ghost website hosting?

Q3. What is the meaning of 500 members in the vhiat web hosting plan?? What if I have 50k visitors per month. How much will the web hosting coat to me?

Q4. I am totally new with the ghost theme and website. What should I consider and remember to success my blog?

Q5. Ghost website can’t run in shared web hosting?

Q6. What if I want some customization on my website? Do I need a ghost developer or any PHP developer can do?

Thank you in advance

  1. Ghost and Wordpress are 2 different platforms, so you can’t upload a Ghost theme to WP, or a WP theme to Ghost :slight_smile:
  2. It depends on what your requirements are - if you’re referring to Ghost (Pro), using a custom theme requires the creator plan or higher
  3. Members are people who have an account with your site (free or paid), which they can use to access content you choose to restrict. e.g. you can require someone to have an account to view an article
  4. If you’re planning on staying with Ghost, I’d suggest going through some of the docs to get yourself familiarized with the platform
  5. For the most part, Ghost cannot run on shared hosting. Ghost and Wordpress are written in 2 different languages which are not really comparable from a hosting perspective
  6. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might need a general developer, or a Ghost theme developer - e.g. if you’re looking to add a sidebar to your theme, a general developer should be able to figure it out, but if you want to change what posts appear at the end of the article, you’d need a Ghost theme developer
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Thank you for the detailed and well explained response :slight_smile:

So, if I go with 500 members web hosting plan it does not matter if my blog is receiving 50k visitors a month, correct?

I would defer to reaching out to support@ghost.org for any Ghost(Pro) related questions :)