I need an advice and help and what webhosting that carrys ghost

update why are no one is not Answering me ??? been waiting

how much easlier ghost is then wordpress ? cuz thinking about using ghost . also is there a website have ton’s and ton’s of ghost themes also ? for years I been using wordpress but now spam is driving me nuts and also what webhosting companys that carry ghost ?

P.S. this not good sign at all this not right let someone hanging . I GUESS YOU DO NOT WANT MY Business

To start, I recommend you tone-down your frustration. This is a forum primarily comprised of fellow users volunteering advice. And since you brought it up, using your “business” as a threat is not very impactful as you are already planning on using a third-party hosting service.

how much easlier ghost is then wordpress ?

I’m not sure how to quantify the comparison but I find it simpler as there are not a bunch of extra extensions to worry about breaking.

also is there a website have ton’s and ton’s of ghost themes also ?

Yes: https://marketplace.ghost.org/

what webhosting companys that carry ghost ?

I find that the easiest option is the one-click “droplets” offered by Digital Ocean: Ghost | DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click App

This method will do much of the setup automatically for you.

sorry too k it out on this board . if you are a webmaster with frustration with wordpress . my site is is like a spam fest right now trying find something do not get hit like crazy with spam wise I found a theme I do like this one so much http://preview.themeforest.net/item/valkyrie-a-highly-visual-ghost-blog/full_screen_preview/22576630?_ga=2.233363992.74104835.1551802659-1948355468.1548726643

also been trying find a hosting company I can I think there’s other 3 have it greengeeks , inmotionhosting and bluehost do carry ghost

You can also try DigitalOcean if you can manage your own VPS (they have 1 click Ghost install as well).

there cost is little over my price i’m looking for cuz trying find somewhere I do like have ghost I found another hosting have it hostpapa and hover.com have a app make a ghost website thats where I have my domain at

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