Website Hosting - Recs for Ecommerce Alternative?

Hi there, hope all is well.

I’m reviewing hosting platforms and in full transparency I want to use Ghost because of the mission expressed and the commitment to full transparency. That is important for my business as I intend to be completely transparent with our data points and KPIs as well. It’s important to me that I align our business with likeminded partners working towards similar goals.

I know Ghost is not necessarily built to be for what my business will offer and require in a website but I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for ways I could incorporate a shop/e-commerce options? We will be providing a marketplace for both our apparel and the products of all e-commerce store so it’s an essential piece. If you do not have any recommendations no worries - I’ll keep a close eye on what developments come in the future and look for the opportunity to switch over at a later date.

Thank you and appreciate the vision!


It just seems to me that if ecommerce is your goal, then Ghost doesn’t offer any conceivable advantage at all vs starting from scratch, with a theme…if Shopify is too corporate, I like SnipCart out of Quebec City, they are a smaller group, trying to be the anti-Shopify…