Blog on Shopify vs Ghost for SEO


Hoping someone can give some advice here.

We currently have a Shopify store but not a blog to back it up, what’s your opinion on having a Ghost blog embedded into our Shopify store VS having the blog directly feed from Shopify.

We’d love to use ghost for blogging and embed it into our store but we are afraid this will negatively affect our overall SEO ranking on our Shopify store.

Do we blog direct using Shopify or go with the Ghost theme and embeded the page?

Another reason we don’t want to use Shopify is that their blogging templates suck!


Thanks for your time.


I had this same dilemma. Shopify is fantastic at e-commerce but subpar when it comes to their blogging features.

You could always use ghost blog as a subdomain but SEO gurus will tell you that subdomains are less effective for sharing authority / ranking juice to the root domain.

honestly, just keep it on the shopify side and try your best with working on the design of the templates.
Remember that a simplistic/minimalistic theme can do wonders so as long as you can get something like that, don’t worry too much about the design.

IMHO that is better than having a subdomain, in any case, good luck however you end up doing it!

Hi Ashley,
I would suggest you stick with Shopify as there is none better than shopify for e-commerce store if you really want to add ghost theme, go for a sub domain but its not that good for SEO point of view. You may customize your existing theme also

Have a look at this example

Ghost’s SEO tools are comprehensive enough for basic optimization, but they are less extensive than some of its competitors.