Weird ghost instance in docker

I’m having a problem with ghost, I have it fully updated in my folder to latest version. But for some reason when I type ghost start port is taken.

When I check which process took that port it’s none other but ghost itself running on older version. Is there a hidden ghost instance on my vps?

Here’s some images that might be helpful regarding this issue:
(also i apologize if it’s too small to look at, i’m a new user and it isn’t letting me post 2 images at once xD)

Based on your second image, it looks like ghost (maybe including the docker container its running in?) is stopping and restarting and stopping and restarting?

You can probably get your new Ghost install up and running by telling it to listen on port 2370 (and adjusting whatever is proxying accordingly), but I think you’re going to want to find and stop whatever is restarting Ghost over and over, because that’s likely a source of extra unwanted server load.

If this is still an issue, share:

  1. your Docker compose file
  2. the output of sudo netstat -tlpn
  3. Output of sudo docker ps