What controls width of post previews

I am using ghost with casper 2.7.0. Install is less than 1 month old.

My site is https://mckenzie.report. On some sites when I look through the previews, I see that some previews are full width, and some are very narrow. An example is https://demo.ghost.io/. The preview for the first post “Welcome to Ghost” is the full width of the preview area (as long as browser window is wide enough). Then there are three previews in the next row. Then two in the next. What I want to know is, how is that controlled? In my blog all the previews are the same width and it makes for a boring view.

The variable rows are currently determined based on whether or not a post has an image - if the post doesn’t have an image, variable widths are disabled :slight_smile:

OK. That is good to know. Does the width of the image contribute to how wide that post will be? Or is it just a boolean function that enables randomization of post width?

So the width of the posts aren’t random - for posts with images, the display order is 1 post, 3 posts, 2 posts in repeat

However, to answer your question, yes, it’s a boolean check

That worked. Thanks! For others newbies (like me) who may come along, note that to get the effect discussed in this thread, the picture has to be added as the cover picture for the post using the settings button in the ghost editor. Adding the picture inline won’t change the three-per-row layout.

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