What do you wish for 2023?

What you like to achieve in 2023 as creator, person or professional?

Let me start the topic:

I would like to:

  • publish first Ghost theme
  • write short book for Data Science
  • create more valuable resources for people
  • find a better job
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I’m having lots of fun customizing other people’s themes for clients (and next week I’m turning a Webflow export into a theme), but I’d like to write my own theme also. I’m better at the logic and mechanics than gorgeous layouts, and I’d like to grow there.

I’d also like to polish up Phantom Admin and my sales add-on for Ghost. Oh, and I have a calendar-heavy blog over on Blogger that I’d like to migrate in, but I need to solve my calendar problem first. :)


Drop me a message if you’re potentially interested in collaborating, @Cathy_Sarisky. I’m more inclined towards the aesthetics and creating gorgeous layouts :grin: (although I can also fumble my way around the logic and mechanics without too much trouble) so perhaps our skills and interests might be complementary?

I also have so much fun customizing themes and working with Ghost! It’s one of my favourite things to do. I’m so very glad l that I stumbled upon this platform while (if I recall correctly) looking at using Wordpress :face_vomiting: for a personal blog a few years back.

@Johny_K To answer your question, my wish for 2023 is to see Ghost flourish and become the #1 platform or CMS for websites and blogs. I’d very much like to see people move away from social media sites (walled gardens) and create their own little garden that they own and have control over.


Hmm – good question. Here’s a few things off the top of my head. (I’ll do some formal goal-and-plan work between Christmas and New Year’s.)

  • Work to hit next milestones in total and paid subscriptions.
  • Work to increase signups for custom newsletters.
  • Be more consistent with podcast publishing.
  • Establish a solid presence on Post as possible replacement for Twitter.
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  1. I wish that I will finally find a good and consistent job according to my knowledge and skills.

  2. I wish my mother will finally find herself in that world.

  3. I wish I will upgrade skills in programming/teaching.

  4. I wish all the best to the person who is reading this message rn :3

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I wish to start using Ghost. :blush: