What happens when you archive a tier?


I would like to know What happens when you archive a tier. Can I restore it back?


awesome community xd

This is a community forum, and non-staff folks responding are volunteers. SHOUTING and sarcasm are perhaps less effective than a friendly “hey, still hoping for answer on this - anyone know?”

Or of course, if you’re paying for Ghost Pro, you can email their support directly. You pay them for that.

I try to answer stuff as I see it, but I don’t see 110% of posts while I’ve got time to respond, and sometimes I miss something. Here’s what happens when you click ‘archive tier’:

And yes, you can see tiers that are archived:

and there’ll be reactivate button (where the archive button is for ‘live’ tiers) to let you restore it.

No subscriptions are changed in the process.

and furthermore you are still able to publish posts and assign them to an archived tier only. so it basically just removes the tier from the registration page.