How to create products and a shopping cart with stripe

I want to start creating physical products that I would like to sell on my website. I’d like to use stripe for this as I’m just starting and they only take a % on each sale which is just great.
So I would need to be able to create products, with prices and being able to add them to a shopping cart, then able to check out through stripe.
Has anyone done this before and could anyone guide me on what I would need in order for me to code this?

Any help is appreciated!
If there are other, easier ways than using stripe, I’m all ears as well!

I have recently set up a small ecommerce experience for my mother-in-law’s site on Ghost and went a similar route: From Ellie’s Workshop to Your Wardrobe: Handmade Reversible Hoodies

Initially, we also thought about a shopping cart experience, but that would involve quite some custom coding (e.g. assembling all the products, then creating a custom Stripe checkout,…).

So, we went the easy route and just set up products in Stripe, then generated a payment link, added some custom HTML cards in Ghost and well…here we are.

If the shopping cart is vital for your idea, have a look at @Cathy_Sarisky’s thread here: What I'm working on - eCommerce within Ghost

This has helped me tremendously when setting this up for my mother-in-law (but in the end, we decided it’s very unlikely for somebody to buy more than one product at the same time).


Alright thank you very much! I’ll look into that!

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