What information does Ghost collect about subscribers and website visitors?

Hello everyone, thank you for supporting such an amazing CMS!

OSINT TEAM is a self-hosed blog and we are trying to be as private as possible. We have removed the following:

  1. Ghost membership and subscribe sources scripts.
  2. Click and newsletter open analytics from Mailgun.

What information does Ghost collect about subscribers and website visitors?
Does Ghost knows about subscribers on the data that is displayed on the dashboard (email and picture tied to it + sign up location)? Is IP address or any other information stored as well?

Here when you ask “What does Ghost collect”, I presume you are asking about the Ghost fountain, not your self-hosted Ghost install.

The Ghost Foundation has no access to your Mailgun account and as far as I’m aware, no subscriber information is sent to the foundation, nor the dashboard data, nor IP address of visitors.

The source is open source is open source, and you are welcome audit it for yourself:

Sorry, if I didn’t make it clear. I’m self-hosting Ghost and want to know what information is stored on my own server.

Like, if there is more personal info on subscribers, apart from the one displayed on the dashboard?

You can check your users table in MySQL to be certain what is stored there for a user.

For the IP addresses, I assume you are using Nginx. You can find and follow a tutorial on how to customize your Nginx logging to not log in the IP address in the Nginx logs.

You can also lookup how to have Nginx always transmit the same IP address to the Ghost backend, so Ghost logs always have the same IP in them: