what is it i have to do to translate the backend/admin area



i read, that the i18n-service is currently not available for the backend/admin-area, but i need it in german.

i am searching for the easiest way to translate the backend into german.

i am ok with the standard template and some manual work.

can anyone give me a hint on where to start with that task.

thx in advance for any hint and for the awesome software you built!


Hi there, Ghost admin is currently only available in English - there is no way to change the language at present


so there is no chance, even manually to translate the backend to german?
i would do the manual work but would need an approach.
for example, i could fork the casper plugin and than do the work?

thx for reply!


Casper is not the back end, it’s the front-end, and there are freely translated versions of it if that’s what you’re looking for.


As John mentioned, translating the admin area is yet to be developed, maybe by some open source contributors at some point in the future. But it could take time, because probably most admins know written English and usually only the front-end for site visitors needs translation (themes, dates, pagination, subscribe forms).

However, if you are interested in experimenting and contributing your results to the community, since Ghost’s admin area is based on the Ember.js open source web framework, some possibilities are listed for example at Internationalization - Ember Observer.


A PR using ember-i18n has already submitted here https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost-Admin/pull/1017 but as explained in the PR comments it’s not something that we’ll be adding support for at this time.