What the heck is this thing that keeps appearing at the top of my posts!?!

Starting a couple day ago, this weird player bar thing - as if I’ve posted some sort of playable audio - keeps appearing in the header of my posts.

The ‘GOOD VIBES’ icon is supposed be the featured image that is HIDDEN with this code injection:

.gh-article-image {
  display: none;

That part has been working fine. But now this weird bar shows up on the top and the icon isn’t hidden. Possible it’s related to filling out the facebook card info?

Wave theme fyi. Anyone able to help me solve this mystery?

You’ll need to share the URL of your website.

Made a publicly viewable test post.

If I don’t create a Facebook Card, the post is fine. If I do create a FB card, I get this weird thing up top.

Here’s how it should look:

Wave is intended specifically for podcasts. It is clearly trying really hard to make your post look like a podcast! :)

Here’s a teeny bit about how Wave does that: About this theme

Here’s the code that displays posts: https://github.com/TryGhost/Themes/blob/main/packages/wave/post.hbs

Looks like if you set the og_description, it’ll try to render the player. So… don’t set the facebook description in the meta data, or edit the theme to tweak the behavior so that this doesn’t happen.


Argh, I see it now:

Because Ghost doesn’t have custom fields, we can repurpose the Facebook description field for each post to store the link to the audio file.

Booo. I like this theme (and I am going to do a podcast, but podcasts are not the backbone of my posts)

I’ll see if I can tinker with the code and get it to stop doing that.

I’d check instead if the post has a #podcast tag. :)

You mean one that I added? Or does Wave secretly tag things? I didn’t tag it podcast for sure.

I meant one that you add. Themes can’t secretly tag things. :) But that’d be a good way to trigger the playlist behavior on ONLY the posts where you want it.

Agreed, it would have been easier than hijacking the FB metadata.

Since you’re so good at this (sorry to ask you to be my personal tech support), is there an obvious place in the Wave code I should look to see if I can undo this functionality?

See my link above. :)

{{#if og_description}}
            <div class="gh-outer">
                {{> "player"}}

Switch the if to has and check for the podcast tag :)