What kind of Ghost Theme would you like to have in the marketplace?

Hi everyone! I’m thinking about creating a Ghost theme, all the Ghost enviroment seems to be really helpful for creators and I want to encourage that even more.

So I would like to know what kind of themes you really want

hi, a suggestion would be a learning management system for courses, quizzes, flashcards etc etc

I recently read a post about an e-commerce related theme. That might be interesting

I would love to see more magazine themes! A lot of the ones that exist are geared toward fashion and style and are quite feminine, but there’s not enough that are simple and clean and designed to let the copy and images shine.


I’m planning to make one based on my old site https://discoverghost.com

100% agree with you on this

Ok, thank you for your answer! Do you have any website reference that has design aspects you’d prefer?

Hi @tony-coder-18 - @thePlasticsFella has a good point here! I’ve been a learning management system administrator for 20 years, and they’re all very ‘heavy’ systems. Very little exists that is lightweight and beautiful. Ghost would need support of many functions to replicate an LMS for example, a member completes a quiz, and the results need to be captured against their profile, but an initial iteration could be akin to membership-based courses along the lines of Teachable.

I’d really like a way to drip-feeding a self-paced series of posts, with a collection available to specific users, who receive the posts on a time schedule e.g. weekly, over a period of time e.g. four weeks. That could look like the “How to build a ghost site” course that my existing paying members have paid an additional $50 for, for those members they now get access to the ‘posts’ in that course, with each post being revealed within 7 days of the last (so it can be self-paced, and the author can pre-author everything). Still this is dependent on Ghost itself having features, and I’d rather have this on one platform than use a separate one for course delivery.

Cheers, Kate

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there are lots of LMS platforms out there that have nice features. but they are not open-sourced and often quite pricey subscription-based models.

in my research, trying to find the best LMS (which doesn’t exist), here are some I came across

  • ProProfs
  • Synap
  • Classmarker
  • Trivie (this has amazing UI but is very expensive).

Hope this helps and hopefully you build a theme for this market! :)

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Thanks for sharing these - I have not heard about any of these platforms so will take a look. What are your thoughts on popular content platforms like Teachable?