What's the most widely used integration of Ghost with Github Pages these days?

Hello people.

I spent a few days wanting to make a blog, and I went over many templates in Jekyll, Hugo and Bootstrap and I landed on Ghost.I very much like it’s look, it reminds of the “blogging site” /medium.com - exactly what I wanted to impersonate.

I found a few solutions online, such as:

  1. Busterhttps://github.com/axitkhurana/buster
  2. Elleventy https://ghost.org/changelog/eleventy/
  3. Gui https://fizzy.cc/ghost-static-generator/
  4. Ghost on Github Pages /github.com/paladini/ghost-on-github-pages

Which one should I even pick from those?? This is the hardest question… Is there a 5th one?

So, what’s used these days? What’s both:

  • Latest
  • The most popular
  • Well documented
  • Reccomended

What do you folks suggest? from what I understand it’s called a static site generator, yes?

I also have a side question, completely unrelated to this. I read a topic that I should consider buying a VM instead (got reccomended Digital Ocean droplets), and that that’s better than Github Pages. But, that’s paid though, yeah? So doesn’t that contradict the point of using Github Pages and generating a static website?

Thanks, and have a good day :grin:

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I used to use Buster. It seems to be unmaintained. Now, I use Ghost Static Site Generator (gssg) for some of my Ghost theme demos:

It has some irritating bugs, but it seems to be the best option, now that Buster is abandonware.