What's the point in the ghost-mgr user?

I don’t understand it. I know WHY it’s done, for security purposes. But I can still run ghost commands as root, even though the cmd line text returned after the fact tells me that I can’t, lol.

So either this needs to be fixed or changed?

The only command that I don’t bother running as ghost-mgr is ghost restart. The rest I run as the mgr. First thing after setting up Ghost is running mysql_secure_installation, which I usually do as root using sudo.

But as an overall, yes – we can run what we need as root as well (at least in my experience). One problem I have encountered is file permission during an update / upgrade. Files were assigned to the root role instead of ghost and because of that, caused issues.

When that happened, I could not run the ghost update or ghost upgrade command - sudo or not. DO, Ubuntu 18.04, Ghost 4.2.1 update to 4.2.2. It failed because of incorrect file permissions.

Apparently, when uploading files using FileZilla to the server (logged in using sftp://ip with root), the owner changed into root for that / those file(s). Gonna try to login as ghost-mgr next time.

I had to change into ghost-mgr and run sudo chown -R ghost:ghost ./content and when that was not enough, I had to run sudo find ./ ! -path "./versions/*" -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;

Then the update went through and at the end, failed to start Ghost. So… long story short… :slight_smile: I just removed the droplet and created a new one since it automatically fetches the latest Ghost version during the install.