When was the last time, you are on mountain?

I plan every year a weekly trip, from last 15 years. I just need space from work and everything just to calm my mind and spend some time with nature. Mountain have charm, prettiness and elegantness.

Last year I used to live in the middle of the mountains in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, I miss the views, and I used to go hiking every week. But the mountains actually bring many difficulties when talking about living near them, they also give many services… but in any case… I am glad I moved, right after my moved some unusual weather started happening over there, they got really REALLY hot, then dry and the forest burned, then they had a huge flood that broke highways, and then more flood, and then they just had a snow storm of historic proportions according to some friends… so yeah, mountains can give pretty wild climate xD so I am happy on the other side of the country now.