Where are the posts?

Hello there !

I just installed Ghost for the second time and I got some question(s).
The Ghost theme Casper I installed is quiet empty compared to the preview.

The very first time I installed Ghost Casper Theme content was exactly the same.
I had default posts .

And now, with a brand new setup, I only got 1 default post. Why ? and How to recover the others ?
there 's only one post, I did delete the others.

Here’s the page now

Can some people help me to fix this ?

The default posts that come with posts were changed recently (last month or so), which is why you’re seeing fewer posts.

Is there anything specific you’re looking for in the original posts?

I gonna create a theme, and I need default posts to have a nice view. Is there a way to get these posts ?
It seems they are from the guide lines, but how to get them ?

I think the easiest way to get the existing posts for a theme is to install an older Ghost version, export the content, and import it into the latest Ghost version

what about to convert the json from https://www.ghostforbeginners.com/easy-theme-development-with-sample-ghost-content/ which provide an outdated json version ghost v1 compatible to a refreshed json ?

You can try to import the v1 json int a v4 site, I’m not sure what the backwards compatibility is for exports.

I tried to import that sample content json in v4 and it gives error. I tried to install v4.44.0 but that doesn’t start and shows error for @vscode/sqlite3 package. Then I installed v4.45.0 as suggested in Cannot find module '@vscode/sqlite3' - #23 by daniellockyer but this version also doesn’t contain the ghost sample content. Could you please provide the exported json if in case you have such a version running?
Br, Ekansh

Fixtures were removed in 💡 Updated fixtures to make it easier to get started (#14299) · TryGhost/Ghost@7172db7 · GitHub which is on v4.38.1; try 4.38.1 to get the older post samples.