How to add posts to my local suite?

  • What’s your URL?
  • What version of Ghost are you using?“@tryghost/version”: “^0.1.24”,
  • What configuration? ?
  • What browser? Chrome
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Hi there!
I was wondering, locally the Casper build only has a “Coming soon” post. I located it in fixtures.json and tried adding more entries so I can see what the theme would look like with multiple posts. Adding entries to this file doesn’t add more posts.
How can I add more posts locally? Or is there a way to link my local client to her live site to pull her posts down locally? Thanks!

If you have a live site with posts already, I’d import those. On the live site, go to /ghost > settings (gear icon), Labs > export content

And then on your demo site, the same ‘labs’ page has an import content button. That won’t move images, so you may want to download and upload a couple images for testing.

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Thank you!! I never would have found that without your help! You rock!