Casper theme installed locally missing items

It appears the Casper theme is not showing all menu or post items when installed as part of the Ghost local install guide. I have recreated a new folder and re-installed the theme again but to no avail. The only post available is the “Coming Soon” post and the only menmu items are Home, About

The amount of demo content installed is pretty minimal - much less than in the theme demo. The thought there is that most users don’t want a bunch of junk content. You can add menu items or placeholder posts yourself.

If that’s not your issue and I’ve misunderstood, please clarify.

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@Cathy_Sarisky is exactly right. That’s the expected default content with a new install. That’ll be the default content irrespective of the theme you install.

Thank you both for your response and clarification, a newbie’s lack of understanding I’m afraid.