Where is the current Portal code?

We are setting Ghost up (self-hosted) to share neighborhood information and we want to keep some information semi-private without making every household create a Member account.

My thought was to create just a single member, share the password with everyone, and change it once a year. I can do this with Ghost as is, but it would be much nicer if I could make the Sign in form simpler by having the email pre-entered and hidden with only the password field visible. I’d also want to disable the account editing to keep anyone from changing that account.

I found a few older posts about modifying the portal code, but the github links in them are broken. I’ve a professional developer so I don’t mind hacking some code if I can find the right files.

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Members don’t type a password. They use magic link authentication. It’s going to be hard to share a member account, with that constraint.

Staff users do use password authentication. But then you’d be giving everyone the ability to edit site content. Is that the desired behavior?

Here’s an alternate suggestion if you’re trying to avoid creating members (not staff): Put the site in private mode, and tell everyone the password.

Thanks, Private mode sounds like the way to go.

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