Where Modify Signup Confirmation Messaging?

My testing seems to show that a number of confirmation emails are going to junk.

Is there a place I can tweak the verbiage so that it says something about being sure to check Junk folder and to whitelist ? I couldn’t seem to find this.

Related question- are there changes I can make so these emails go through more successfully? I did all the SPF and DKIM DNS changes for my mail provider, but assume these emails are coming from a ghost smtp server…?

How your transactional messages are being done depends on hosting setup, and you haven’t told us yours. You may want to try having mailgun do your transactional email in addition to newsletters.

The email with log in link is in the portal code, I think. It would not be especially hard to change that but it would require a custom portal build, which your hosting environment might or might not make possible.

I host the site with ghost(pro) versus self host.
I do my email marketing via MailerLite. On subscribe I use zapier to sync data over there and then I manage the campaigns there and dont do email newsletters at ghost.
My domain email addresses are handled at zoho.
I assumed that the subscribe confirmation email and login email are coming from ghost.

Do I maybe need to provide a zoho account to use for my ghost hosting with smtp creds so it’s all going thru them and all the spf and dkim may help with deliverability?

Again, the subscribe confirm emails are going out and the login ones too, I just never get the confirm when trying to change the support email.


You might want to engage with the Ghost Pro folks, then, since it’s their config determining what sends the outbound transactional emails. You might need some dns adjustments to indicate that whatever they’re using (mailgun? a ghost server?) for transactional email is allowed to send on your behalf.

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