Where to find database?

Related to my question about how to batch-edit members, I’ve been trying to locate my database file to try removing all my members manually. Forum searches seem to only yield outdated results.

I did find what I thought would be the correct database file (ghost-dev.db), but it seems to be an old one with only a handful of posts and no members. This was inside the earliest folder under /versions. I assumed I’d find the current one inside the latest version folder or /current, but it seems to only contain a readme.

Am I overlooking something? I’m on 3.14.0, self-hosted through DigitalOcean.

I was finally able to solve this myself once it occurred to me that it might be using MySQL instead of SQLite. I was able to log in and use show databases to find it pretty quickly after that.

I’m still not sure why the original database was SQLite, long enough to store a few posts, and later switched to MySQL. Maybe this happened automatically with a subsequent update?

Either way, I’ve removed all those members and am all set. :ok_hand:

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Glad you got it resolved! SQLite is Ghost’s default database, so it’s always there in the filesystem - but as you figured out, if you use MySQL on DigitalOcean then that will be used instead :slight_smile: