Batch delete members?

When importing my subscribers from a Mailchimp CSV, I missed the info in the docs about prepping the CSV for Ghost.

So I now have 2,000+ members imported with partial info. Is there a way yet to batch-delete these to start over? I’m set up on DigitalOcean.

(And as a side note, the other three supported CSV fields should probably be added to the Mailchimp integration page.)


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I’m not coming with a solution (Sorry @brooklet) but with an additional question in the same topic:

I have imported Members from a CSV I had, without adding the column for Members to receive my articles via Email.

Of course, I could go on each Member, one by one, and activate manually the option, but I have a few hundreds of them so…

I’ve tried to re-import them with a better CSV including that column with TRUE as the argument, but it simply says they are duplicate instead of updating them, or replacing them.

Any idea how I could get all the members I have imported to receive my emails?

PS: I’m not a techie person (and yet I use Ghost and love it :slight_smile:)

Hey @brooklet @pocarles - this is a known limitation of the beta feature and we’re working on it :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the feedback!

Thanks for the response, @Kym!

Just to be sure: does that also mean there’s not a way yet to do this via Ghost CLI? Or by manually editing those tables in my database?

@brooklet Ghost-CLI only manages Ghost installation, it doesn’t offer anything to manage in-app concerns. If you write a script you can do it using the Admin API (although members is not currently documented as it’s in beta and APIs can/will change). Manual DB modifications are always possible but obviously come with all the usual warnings about making sure you have backups etc.

If you’re on Ghost(Pro) and need to delete all of your members you can email and we can take care of it for you :slight_smile:

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No problem, I’ll just wait for it in an update. Thanks, @Kevin!

I can confirm. They did it for me in a blink. Amazing support :blue_heart:

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Hey, @Kym and team! Just curious if there’s a non-Ghost(Pro) way to do this yet? :crossed_fingers:

Just want to add that I’ve worked around this by deleting the contents of the members table from my database. It’s a hacky solution, but it saved me much clicking and RSI.