Where to find default gallery behavior in a theme?

Hey all, I’ve posted about this before, but still haven’t quite found the answer, so I thought I’d try again.

I’m using the Nurui theme from Fueko, and often write about photography. As such I use a lot of images and gallery cards on my blog, but the way images appear isn’t quite how I’d like them. You can see how galleries appear on this theme on the corresponding style guide page.

I’d really just love the default ghost galleries, as shown in this blog post from 2018. I’ve asked the theme developer about this, but they say the implementation of galleries in Nurui is the same as stock; though given how differently they appear, I’m not quite sure how that could be.

Where does the behavior of these galleries usually live in a theme? I’d love to literally overwrite the existing code with the default, but I can’t quite find it. I see the kg-gallery-container elements on the page, but in the theme only in my CSS file. Any ideas?

I took a quick look at the theme’s style guide page and it looks like the default gallery behaviour with some minor CSS tweaks to give images rounded corners.

If you can explain exactly what it is you see as different/want to change it will be easier to help :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking a look, Kevin! That’s interesting… Personally, I can do without the “zoom in” animation on Nurui; just opening the simple lightbox, which you can arrow through the images, access some controls like the fullscreen option, etc., would be ideal.

Not sure how much this comes down to the theme, but the overall speed as well. Of course the animation plays a part, but clicking one image to view it larger and then shrinking it before clicking the next image, it can get tripped up sometimes.

I need to review the documentation on best practices for images, but getting a snappy lightbox a user could scroll through would go a long way for me!

Thanks for the information!