Which Template Should I Use When Creating error-404.hbs?

Latest version, Dawn theme. I searched the forum before posting and I read the Handlebars documentation, but I am sorry to say that I am still a bit confused.

Hopefully someone, perhaps a Ghost dev member such as @Kevin is able and willing to provide some insight / willing to point me in the correct / right direction here.

From what I understand, this is working structure of errors:

  • If you have error-404.hbs, ghost will render that
  • If you do not have a error-404.hbs file, but have an error.hbs, ghost will render that
  • If you don’t have either one, the default error page will be rendered

I made a copy of index.hbs to test how the error-404.hbs would render. My main question is this: which existing template should I use in order to get the best result in terms of not re-loading assets and what not.

This is the code I used for my error-404.hbs file:

{{!< default}}
<div class="content-area">
<main class="site-main">
<div class="container medium">
<div style="padding:30px;border:5px dotted orange;font-size:2rem;">
<strong>404:</strong> The URL you are looking for does not exist.

Never mind the crappy CSS as this is just a render test. I played around with container small, medium and large and decided to go with medium.

**Any feedback is appreciated. Perhaps @Kevin can explain or assist? **