White fonts for links and drop-down menu itens while in editing mode

When we’re using the editor, both links and the itens from dropdown menus on the right side panel panel are in white (with a white background) and therefore they cannot be seen. For example, in the screenshot below:

  • I looks like an empty space in the paragraph “I will be involved in the very-soon-to-be-unveiled . My focus is”, but it’s actually a link after “very-soon-to-be-unveiled”
  • You can see in the following paragraph, where I have selected the text, that there are two links there as well (but it’s in white).
  • There are both tags and author selected in the right side panel, but none of them is visible.

But after publishing the post, everything is fine. But it’s a hassle to edit posts like this.

Is your site’s accent color set to white, maybe?

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