Why do most (all?) themes truncate posts on the main page?

I’m using ghost to make a blog. I’ve been scouring the internet for a ghost theme that presents the entire body of each blog post in a reverse-chronological list on the front page of the site. Like blogs like daringfireball.net or https://kottke.org.

This was the way most blogs were designed for many years, and I’m surprised that I can’t find a ghost theme anywhere that does this, let alone several to choose which I like the style most. They all provide a list of posts, with a variation of a “read more” button to take you to a new page with the full post.

Is this somehow a technical limitation of the ghost theme engine? I’m surprised I can’t find a single one, let alone several, that I could decide which I liked best.

Do I need to hire a designer to create a theme like this, or am I missing something?

Off the top of my head I don’t know of any themes that allow for this out of the box, so yes you’d have to have a theme customised yourself.

Here’s one example of what I presume you’re after, utilising Ghost:

For “index” pages (pages that are a list of posts), Ghost provides the theme with both an excerpt and the full post. Most themes include the excerpt since that’s what a lot of people want - with the new “theme settings” feature, it’s possible themes might support choosing letting you choose in the future :thinking:

If you’re willing to modify your theme, it’s a “relatively simple” change - you need to change {{excerpt}} to {{content}} for the templates you want to update.

Here’s where you would change it for Casper:

Yep. That’s what I was thinking. I’ve been to that site before and didn’t realize it was ghost! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Making this change in Casper helps me understand how I might be able to adjust other themes to do the same. Thanks!

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