Is there a way to display full posts on the homepage - not summaries?

This could be with any theme… I’m trying to create a one column microblog style site. I’d like everything to show on the home page… one article after another - no summaries.


Yep! In the post loop, themes have access to all post properties. What this means is you can show the full post contents on an index page, conditionally show the full contents (e.g. using internal tags), or only show the excerpt on a post page

Ok. Thanks. That gives me a good starting point. Can you be a little more specific or point me to a page with more info?

There’s more info in the docs, here’s all the info available in the post object:

I’ve been fighting with this for days.

Is there a theme that already does this by default?

I’ve been looking for a theme like that for days. I must have explored a hundred themes and haven’t found one yet. So if anyone finds one, please let me know too.

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