Why doesn't Ghost get members to create a password?

I am still getting grips with some aspects of Ghost. I am using the membership feature which what I like about it the most. And I am wondering why doesn’t Ghost get members to enter an account with a password or is this just an issue with my theme? I have used several themes now, and they all send you a login link, why is this?

Wouldn’t a password just be easier for members?

Also, why doesn’t Ghost request people’s name or any other information when they join. All I have is their email address!

If you are a Ghost expert and you know the answers to these questions, please let me know?





A password is not easier. But, it might be nice for people who want it.

Why not easier? I’m kinda new here. I signed up for the forums via mobile, I selected the default “secure password” that my browser presented.

It took me five minutes to login to the forum to reply to your message. The passwords weren’t correctly remembered by the browser. I looked in the keychain and there were more than one. I eventually reset the password… which is simply “get a link” plus a few more steps.

Slack “pioneered” the send a link to login instead of a password. It’s not ideal, but it is meant to solve the problem of remembering passwords, and avoiding password reuse or simple passwords.

I’d suspect that Ghost doesn’t get people’s names because it’s beta. A workaround might be to use a webform from an email provider (like MailChimp or ConvertKit) and then use Zapier to create the member profile in Ghost. I haven’t done this myself. I’m literally trying to manually find people’s names and put them in (but like I said above, I’m new here… and while I don’t know all my members personally (yay!) I still have fewer than 50).


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I’ve confirmed this approach works. Sign up in another system and then of course people can gain access magically without a password. It’s brilliant

Thank you. Although you make sense. Waiting for an email to login, I am just not sure. Maybe I am wrong and people will like it and it will work smoothly.

Regarding the Names of users. I am also very new to Ghost. And as I am offering a free and paid service, I would like to know the names of my users. Although I have not started charging yet, I am wondering once someone pays if you will see their details. Because when you manually create a user I believe the system asks for the persons name.

Although your suggestion about Zapier etc sounds good, I prefer avoiding addons if I can. One of the reasons why I considered Ghost was its simplicity. If I have to add too many things, I might have chosen Wordpress. I have a few WP sites, and its good. But I chose Ghost it has some of the main features I want built in.

Thanks for your help.

Not sure I understand your reply. Thanks.

I agree and I hope once it comes out of beta is has more features like you’re suggesting. I had the same experience with WP.

Like you, I’m still not charging… so I don’t know if that gives us more info.

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