Why is it called Ghost?

I havent been able to find any information on why they chose that name. Especially for the domain which could confuse people looking for the super natural.


It sure complicates getting any sort of rank for the work I do! Between real ghosts (?) and ghost writing, it’s hard to even construct search terms that describe my work unambiguously.

(I don’t know the answer but hope someone will post it! Interested…)


Don’t forget the newest trend – “ghost commerce” (aka. a fancy marketer found a fancy new term for affiliate marketing" :joy: )

Made it quite a challenge to look for ecommerce best practices with Ghost.


I don’t think it’s a concern given the fact that Ghost powers the blogs of some of the most important companies in the world such as OpenAI, Cloudflare, Tinder and so on. People that are in the industry tired of wordpress and joomla trash, sooner or later, will find about it.

Oh… and ghost developers are a thing, but they don’t work on Ghost!


i tell people it’s g-host but people call it ghost. is that correct? nah. does it sound more like a web platform? yup

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I don’t think you’re trying to get web traffic as a Ghost developer! :slight_smile:

If I search Ghost developer, I get Ghost.org, a pile of pages about ghost developers (meaning people who write software for others), one company I’ve never heard of (whose sticky header is broken and who appears to do everything, not Ghost specialists), and one site reselling Ghost themes and hosting.

I don’t even get the Ghost.org experts page as a top search result, probably because it doesn’t describe ‘experts’ as developers…


I usually search “Ghost CMS Developer” (Global Volume: 60) when searching things about this platform. But I understand your concerns. “Ghost Developer” (Global Volume: 360) is definitely more difficult, but the search intent can be different as you said.

When John O’Nolan announced Ghost, he wrote this:

Like a ghost writer, Ghost, is your ghost publisher. It does the hard work anonymously, getting your content online so you can focus on the most important things: Your ideas. Your content.


With all respect to John, I wish he’d picked a more unique name. :)

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Because it was born as a…headless CMS :slight_smile:


I believe John picked a super cool name.

Ghosts are light and super fast, just like Ghost itself.

Use no plugins, only Ghost can do that.

It’s a brilliant name in my opinion, as it describes Ghost perfectly.