GhostSolo - a free and open source theme for solo bloggers

Hi everyone,

I am keen to get some feedback on an early version of my custom theme GhostSolo. I created this theme with myself (and hopefully others like me) in mind. Something clean and simple for writing my personal technical blog.


  • Clean responsive design
  • Dark/light theme toggle
  • The theme is customisable via CSS variables
  • Ghost membership support
  • Curate the homepage with pinned posts using #pinned tag
  • Tag pages
  • Clips tag template option to format shorter posts. See Notes on


  • Better doco and usage guide - I have struggled a little with using the routes.yaml myself so I need to put in som guideance here
  • Better support for Ghost editor blocks (bookmark etc)
  • Full paid membership support
  • Post template with table of contents
  • Tag listing page
  • A cool animated header with the current post title
  • More post curation options


GhostSolo is built on Bootstrap v5 and the Ghost Starter Theme.

Is anyone interested in a theme like this? What do you think I could improve?


I really like what I see. I am solo too and its refreshing to see a theme for solo bloggers

Quick question, for bloggers that do not have a newsletter, is that easily removed from the website?

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Awesome concept… Keep up the good work.

Hi @MereCivilian the subscribe button and member forms should disappear if you have members disabled - might look a little bare though. I thought most people would be using the free membership.

At this stage, I just want visitors to my site have access to everything. Hence, membership is a friction at best.

Hi @lukencode,

This is Awesome idea. Keep it up.