Wonky structure in HTML boxes

Whenever we change some text in an HTML box ( or colors, f.ex.), the layout shows a bug in formatting (refer to screenshot)

Again, this report is missing any information that would make it useful.

Please provide the exact steps you are following and in this case the actual HTML you are putting in the HTML card.

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Step 1: Using commands like < b > and < i > in the HTML boxes.

When used in this sense, synonyms for prior include earlier and former.

In editing mode, everything looks correct:

But by clicking outside the box, the structure seems a bit flawed:

However, in the preview, everything looks correct again:

So it’s just about the editing mode when not inside the HTML box

It looks like there’s an odd style conflict with <i> elements within the admin area. I’ll remove the style that renders them as blocks but in the meantime you can use <em> instead of <i> if you can’t live with the in-editor view not matching the actual output.

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