Zapier - check member tier

I am trying to make an automation in Zapier that does the following:

IF reader checkouts on the £4 Tier or £6 Tier THEN email them with a Gumroad discount code.

But I cannot figure out how to specify the membership tier in Zapier and send it to new members on those tiers only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use Make for integrations, if that’s an option you can use Make’s free tier
and get the member’s Tier with the Watch Members module - it triggers
when you get a new member, and you can fire off an e-mail with the discount code
in the next step.


Hi Rhys - I am having a similar issue where I’d like to email a private RSS feed from my podcast to paid members only but I don’t see that option in Zapier. Did you find a workaround?

It seems like these are the only ‘triggers’ you can select from.