Zapier + Ghost - anyway to accomplish this on the free plan?

I want to push posts from ghost to a facebook group (easily accomplished with zapier). However, I only want to send posts with a certain tag from ghost to facebook. Right now, as far as I can tell, that requires a FILTER step on zapier. Using that extra step takes me from the free plan to $20/month. That’s not an unreasonable price but this is - literally - the ONLY thing I want to use zapier for so that’s a lot to spend. Anyone know of a creative workaround?

Each tag has its own rss feed. Can you use that with zapier’s rss to Facebook flow? Connect your RSS by Zapier to Facebook Pages integration in 2 minutes | Zapier


This sounds like exactly the solution I need. I created a tag called “fb-push” – could you tell me how to find the RSS feed link for that specific tag?

EDIT - NVM I figured it out. Looks like this will work, thanks very much!

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