Can't Upload Publication Icon


I’ve been trying to upload a publication icon but always seem to be getting an error:

  1. Uploading a .ico throws

Please select a valid image.

  1. Uploading a .png throws

Validation error, cannot upload image.

They are 100x100. Can’t really understand or figure what might be the issue here.

Any ideas? :thinking:


Hi @svikashk! On which version of Ghost are you, what kind of environment are you running it in? If this is a local install from source please make sure to update to the latest and rebuild Ghost admin as there have been changes to how we handle images lately :wink:


Hey @gargol. Should’ve mentioned this earlier…
I’m currently on

  • Version: 2.16.4
  • Environment: production
  • Running on: DigitalOcean’s one click install

@svikashk unfortunately the real error message is currently being hidden due to a change in server-side error messages that was missed in the admin client, tomorrow’s release will fix that.

In the meantime you have two options to see what the real error is:

  1. open Chrome’s (or your browser of choice’s) web inspector before attempting the upload then inspect the failed network request. The real error will be in the context attribute.
  2. view the server-side logs of your Ghost instance using the ghost log command

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply, @Kevin. :slight_smile:

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