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I am using a ghost version 2.16.1, when I try to upload an icon pic (the size is larger than 60x60) on the Setting page ‘General’ - ‘Publication identity’ - ‘Publication icon’ - ‘Upload’ button it always failed to upload and throw out an error message: ‘Validation error, cannot upload image.’

I don’t know why. I used to upload some icon picture successfully, but today I can’t upload it anymore. Other image upload buttons on the same page are all working well, only this button has this situation.


Hey @ssghost, there have been updates to the error messages since then, if you upgrade to 2.16.4 and try again, it should hopefully tell you the full reason why the upload is failing.


I still have the same issue with 2.16.4


The error message not being particularly helpful is due to the API error messages being updated - the admin client needs adjusting to compensate. That should be resolved in the next Ghost release.

In the meantime you can see what the problem was by inspecting the failed network request in Chrome’s Web Inspector or viewing your Ghost instance’s log files.

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