2.0 Editor Splitting up Markdown blocks

Hi all,

I’ve been getting up to speed with the new 2.0 editor (it’s brilliant!), and have a question.

All my posts are in Markdown, and that’s how I’ll continue to write, so what I want to do is enrich these with embeds, adding blocks at various points with the new editor.

So I have an old post which is now one big Markdown block. I want to go into edit that block, find a paragraph break, and “split” the block there so I have the option to add rich blocks at that point via “+”.

Is this currently possible? I can’t see a UI to split a markdown block, but thought it might be e.g. CMD+ENTER, or something like that, perhaps a hidden shortcut?

If not currently possible, could I suggest adding something for this? I can do it manually by selecting all the markdown below, cutting, adding new markdown block, pasting, then I can add blocks in between what is now 2 markdown blocks. But it’s not the smoothest process to go through a long article like this.

In the future I’ll be writing a full article in Markdown, pasting it into Ghost, then I’ll be wanting to go through and break it up like the above to sprinkle various blocks throughout, so this will affect future posts for me, not just old ones that have been grandfathered into the new editor. Presumably this is the case for others who prefer writing in Markdown too.

Thanks for the great work, loving the new editor.

If you choose to write future posts in markdown then you’ll need to use the markdown way of inserting blocks, which is to write or paste the raw HTML and scripts needed to make blocks :slight_smile: that’s how markdown worked in the editor before, and it works the same way now

Splitting blocks is probably not something we’re going to explore I’m afraid, mainly because it would likely be a pretty significant amount of complex work for very little return

Are you aware you can paste markdown into the editor outside of a markdown card and it will convert everything to rich text for you and avoiding the need to split anything?

Almost all markdown formatting is supported in the editor too so you can type markdown without needing to be in a markdown card.


Thanks both, that helped me understand the options to tweak my workflow.

I think pasting markdown into the editor sounds like the way to go for future posts, so it gets converted on paste and I have the full flexibility of the 2.0 editor from that point.

For old posts adding blocks isn’t so much a concern, and I could always just convert them from markdown if needed via cut/paste :slightly_smiling_face:

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