Switch back to Markdown to edit after someone has created in rich text

The old editor used to allow you to preview rich text after creating a post in Markdown/HTML. Can the new editor do the reverse–i.e. allow the author or an editor to go back and modify a post that was created in rich text but in Markdown? I just realized that I couldn’t access an MD/HTML version of the post for editing purposes (I often move a post to a text editor to do find/replace for things that need to be fixed and changed). I didn’t realize how utterly helpless I would feel without the ability to hard code a post. Having to work around this is. . .terrifying. I’m going to lose so much time.

I have posts that, for whatever reason, need to go back and forth between Github and Ghost several times… being able to edit it in MD/HTML would help a lot. Even a Wordpress style “view HTML” would be better than nothing.


one of my writers also noted to me that if they accidentally pressed the backspace key when not actively in the MD block, it would delete the entire MD block. . .there seem to be lots of downsides to only having access to an MD “block” rather than a complete MD editor mode and not a lot of upsides.

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