Markdown on older pages doesn't work anymore

Hi there,

I upgraded to Ghost 2.0 a couple months ago. I’m now using the desktop app version 1.7.0 on Macos and through the website.

All my old blog posts and pages were written in Markdown. Now, with the new block editor, I can no longer edit my old existing Markdown blocks. I can make new Markdown blocks just fine. But the old ones are broken.

If I try and edit the text in the block, I can’t select anything. If I click or double click or click the little “edit” pencil at the top, my cursor just never shows up, and the text is unresponsive.

Now here is the weird part. I just added a new Markdown block below the first one. When I exit and come back to the post, NOW I can edit the old one.

It’s really buggy. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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