300% Increase in Ghost Pro Packages


Is anyone else concerned that Ghost Pro has just increased there base package by over 300%

What am I missing here? There has been no announcement of the blog either…

From what I can see the pricing was only just changed back on March 31st.

I signed up two weeks ago, have migrated my entire blog over from Wordpress, setup new DNS records and started a campaign. Then I open the site today and find that just as my trial ends the advanced plan of $30/m has increased $99/m.

I really hope I’m missing something here. This tool has a lot of potential and I like the community, but I am very concerned about what this means.


The “Wordpress vs. Ghost” page still reflects the old pricing, at least for the moment:

I’m self-hosting, but if I were on ghost pro for my personal blog and they didn’t offer grandfathered pricing for legacy customers, this would be enough to get me to cancel (edit - the pricing page does indicate that users are permanently grandfathered at the price they sign up at if prices increase, so that’s a good thing). I don’t believe Ghost Pro delivers $100/month of value for a personal site, and I’m not sure where $100/month fits in the competitive landscape.

The latest blog post indicates that the company is and has been profitable, and their classification as a nonprofit seems to obviate “chasing dollars” as an underlying cause for the rate increase. I’d be interested to know if this is in response to a shift by Ghost’s hosting provider or what.

In any case, the price change doesn’t feel very friendly or accommodating to lower-volume users.


We regularly raise prices as Ghost(Pro) matures as a platform and a product - and anyone who signed up early and maintained an active subscription is always grandfathered on early adopter pricing for life.

If you started a trial in the last two weeks and the prices changed on you mid-way through that time (as it sounds like the case is here) then just reach out on support@ghost.org and we’ll be more than happy to honour the old pricing for you :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, you’re absolutely right that the comparison page is out of date, I’ll make sure that gets fixed up

New Ghost(Pro) Plans & Pricing
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