Ghost Pro Starter 9$ - How is this possible?

Hey there,
i was wondering about the new Pricing for the Starter Plan of Ghost.
Because in the not so distant past there were a Podcast with John at Yo! (Link to Site and Transcript) where he was talking about the Pricing for Ghost-Pro and why the Price wont be lower than 36$/Month for the entry one.

Correct me, if i’m wrong.

Now it’s 9$/Month for the entry one at Ghost Pro and the Question with that for me is, what are the Reasons for this Change?

I really do like this new Pricing, directly singed up for the new Starter, but i’am still wondering about this new Pricetag. :+1:

When i read the following correctly, then there was one important key thing John said about pricing.

Quote from the Transcript of Yo! Podcast

“Higher quality of customer with higher revenue. So we went from $5 to $10 to $19 to $29 and our monthly pricing is now $36. I think it’s in the pretty sweet spot now. We kinda feel like it’s the right balance for entry level.”

I’m curious, what changed since then?

Just a little idea of mine about that…
Has the Product called Ghost Pro reached a Point, where it is comforable to support Customers who are not willing to spend that much money?

Is there even an Answer to this from the Team at Ghost, they willingly to share? :wink:

Its techincally only 9 dollars a month if you prepay for a year, If not its $15 billed monthly

$9 doesn’t get you far. For example, you can’t integrate with Disqus for comments, nor can you change the existing themes for some minor tweaks. So essentially, you get what you paid for.

You can use all of the “official themes” offert by ghost and “code injection” for some minor tweaking.

Who needs Comments anyway? :sweat_smile:
Disqus is not for me, never was and will be, so it’s fine. :wink: